TV, Film and Stagecredits
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"Eine unmögliche Schulklasse" (Jubez Karlsruhe - Small Cast: Pupil) (shortmovie) Keyboarder of the Band "HTTB://" (stage) Gig at AZ Fun Festival (stage) PRO Sieben Andreas Türck - Crazy Talkshowguest (tv) Host of various events in discotheques across Germany (stage/event) "Frust Lust" (never finished feature film - various Small Cast roles for example as Neanderthal Man and Gangster) (film) ZDF RISIKO Gameshow Candidat - Topic: Steven Spielberg (4 Episodes until final round) (tv) Host of various Karaokeevents in southern Germany (stage/event) Sat.1 Richterin Babara Salesch "Ein tragischer Unfall" (Small Cast: Witness Angelo Canetti) (tv) Singing Contest Holliday Park Hassloch Germany (Selection of the best singers 2003) (stage) Member of the Showgroup HAPPY VOICE SHOW (stage) Sat.1 K11 - Kommissare im Einsatz Staffel 3/Folge 11 - Sex á la Carte (Cast: Criminal Pizzaiolo Enrico Protti) (tv) Member of the Showgroup EVERYSING (stage) Gigs with the Band Karlsgroove as Guestsinger (stage) Singer with the Band SISTERS - THE BAND in Karlsruhe (stage) SWR Bloch (Dummy/Extra: Guest in a Pub) (tv) Gig as Guestsinger at the Splash Gala of the Band DIE DICKEN KINDER in Landau (Bühne) "The Crazy World of Moonshine City" (Feature film in production - Small Cast and Assistant Director) (film) bw "Andy's Musikparadies" (as Danny Zuko in a Grease-Medley) (tv) "Musicalfever" (Main Cast as Count Krolock, Danny Zuko, Phantom of the Opera, and more) (stage) PRO7 "League of Balls" Season 1/Episode1 (Candidate in Borat Mankini) (tv) Ergo Direkt Spot with DJ Bobo (Big Fish Entertainment - Dummy/Extra: Roadie) (spot) SWR "Tatort - Scherbenhaufen" (Dummy/Extra: Leading Employee) (tv) BOSS /Rolandmusic "Loopstation World Championship National Final Germny, Austria and Switzerland" (Finalist) (stage/event) SWR Die Fallers (Dummy/Extra: Guest in a Bar) (tv) SWR Die Fallers (Dummy/Extra: Guest in a Bar) (tv) Final Concert of the German Peace-Song-Sontest 2018 in the Harmonie in Bonn. Germany (Winner - 4th place) (stage/event)